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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  July 11, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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if is. >> trying to get in and out of san francisco. good evening i'm dan ashley. activist were demonstrating against a fatal
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shooting last week by bart officers on that platform. lillian is live in the city tonight with the latest on this. lillian. >> the protestors accomplished what they set out to do and that was to disrupt rush hour. they gathered at the civic center bart station in san francisco to protest the july 3rd shooting of charles hill. knife wielding man shot to death by bart police. demonstration escalated when one protestor climbed on top of eastbound train. bart employee quickly pulled him down but tension continued to mount. group splintered off as dozens of protestors board the plane and 3 station had to be shut down. civic center. powell street and 16 street. as much of disruption protestors say the actions were necessary to bring attention to bart police. >> continue to kill people and something has to happen. they need to be disarmed. disbande disbanded. service and duty taken away from them and given to someone else. >> bart conduct is outrageous. people have no business tl
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going around in public with guns and killing people. >> l they succeeded fshltion they force bart police department to tl basically shut down the station about in order to prevent people from being unsafe. we want to make sure our customers are safe and protestors are safe. make sure our employees are safe. and so we have to do what we need to do in order to do that. >> later on as winter group walked through the streets of san francisco disrupting traffic on mission and market street. on the way we saw one protestor break the glass of muni bus stop on oath is stree street. ended at the cable car turn around at market and powell where protestors came face-to-face with riot police. yelling and name calling on the part of prosecute testtors. pd waited it out and ultimately the protestors left 1 by 1. we have not heard of any arrest. as for bart service, all stations were back open by 8:00
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p.m. live in san francisco, lillian kim, abc 7 news. >> okay thanks a lot. >> major news in silicon valley tonight. cisco system is expected to can cut 5000 jobs. what is unclear at this point is how many of those positions would be lost in the bay area. corina tonight with business bomb shell. >> san jose largest employer with local work force of more than 15,000 people at cisco. the pending layoffs will be among the most significant cut back in company history. kim san jose director of economic development. >> silicon valley economy is very large so the specific impact even as a company like cisco on big economy is not of major concern. the concern is to redeploy the talent as quickly as possible. >> market research firm glacier and company made headlines today with with this report. it predicts cisco global work force of more than 73,000 will be cut by 5000. 1,000
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positions early retirement packages and another 4000 through layoffs. saving the company a total of 1 billion dollars a year. glacier analyst brian marshall says while it's a difficult decision to make in our view it is required in order to maintain the competitiveness of cisco going forward. company ceo john chambers already taking notable steps this year to restructure the networking giant. video cam operation are gone. consumer business realign and management forces are being reorganized. if the latest round of local layoffs goes above 1,000, it could have an impact on county wide unemployment numbers. >> combine this lay off with the the city and county lay off that have happened recently. i mean, tl those were good solid jobs and if they go away, officials cisco dominant player in network switching and routing. these anticipated
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layoffs are second only to the 8,000 people the company eliminated in the market crash of 2001. job losses now will have a domino effect on the already unemployed. >> i know a had the of people looking for a job have competition is big. >> they are going to do what they need to do to right the ship and keep the ship moving in a positive direction. we are confident of that. >>reporter: cisco says it will give us details on the lay off during the august tenth quarterly conference call. in san jose, corina, abc 7 news. the death of a 14-year-old girl at her own slumber party has devastated a neighborhood in sonoma county. the girl recently graduated from rincon middle school which is in santa rosa. now police believe that she died after she apparently drank a soda with her friend. soda spiked with alcohol. more now from l vick lee. >> friends say she was outgoing and sociable. loved music. and theater. the 14-year-old
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had just graduated middle school and was looking forward to high school. she lived with her mother and stepfather until this exclusive gated community on private street in the hills of santa rosa. the on saturday night she invited 3 friends for asleep over. assistant sheriff tl dwayne says her mother was awakeen in the middle of the night. >> about 2:00 a.m. in the morning they woke up. 2 girls were ill and vomiting. l the mother cleaned them up. didn't realize that it was nothing more than she thought it was food poisoning. they went back to sleep. then the next morning they tried to wake up the daughter and she was unresponsive. >>reporter: investigators say they found evidence that the girls were drinking soda mixed with alcohol. >> it was a bottle. vodka bottle. it was located and it was inside of the residence. >>reporter: police say the mother found her unconscious on her bed yesterday morning. she died later at the hospital district survey shows there's a growing alcohol problem among students at
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younger ages. each school is now reaching out to students with a best behavior program. >> these discussions are held about drugs and alcohol young and consequences and lies and making good choices and making healthy choices. >>reporter: but the 14-year-old says the the there's still a lot of drinkin drinking. >> it's around everywhere. like all kids are drinking. even real under age like just 13 years old. >>reporter: isabel davis says she's very careful at parties. >> i have lots of friends that drink and stuff so when guys over to their house i have to bring my own water or only drink water. >>reporter: just be sure nobody spikes it. >> yes. >>reporter: now the other 3 girls at the sleep over were taken to the hospital. they were treated and they have been released. police school officials want us to remind parents and teenagers of course that they have to talk to each other. especially about the dangers of drinking. the institute on alcohol abuse and alcoholism by the way has a great web site which helps
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teenagers avoid peer pressure and teenagers the them about those dangers. go to our web site 7 you will find a link to it. vick lee, 7 news. >> there are some good resources out there. former state assembly speaker nunez says his son was unfairly singled out when sentenced for the 2008 killing of san diego man. just before he left office governor schwarzenegger reduced the sentence by more than half. now as l heather reports, the victim family is trying to reimpose the original sentence. stishltion the state was in court today asking a judge to throw out a lawsuit aimed at reinstate ago longer sentence for the son of former state assembly speaker nunez. the victim family says former governor arnold schwarzenegger broke state law by failing to notify them he was commuting the sentence. >> he knows what he did was wrong. that's why he did it in such a cowardly way under the radar on the last hour of his office.
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>>reporter: nunez says his son was singled out for political reasons when sentenced for stabbing death of santosism. >> picked on my son from day one. he's not a victim. he should pay for his involvement in what he did. but 2 other young men walking the streets today who are involved in this case just as my son was. and there's no out cry against them. >>reporter: he pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter in 2009. the day before swarns neglect left office he reduced the sentence from 16 years to receive. tell insists the original sentence was driven by the da political ambitions. >> you add up overzealous district attorney with a judge in san diego who represented that he would, my son would get a much lower sentence and then went back on his word. pl that's why we are where we are. >>reporter: the santos family believes the if it was a political favor and arnold schwarzenegger understands his
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anger but he helps a friend. >> it was so violent how he died. and now i feel in lining he was stabbed in the back the. so by politician after his death and i think that they disrespected him and our family and we want justice back. >>reporter: the next court date is august 4th. heather, abc 7 news. in new court filing pg&e says that it should not have to make pay out to victims who have sued the company because the blast in san bruno was caused by third party damage to state of the art pipeline. according to sf gate the company says it should not be held liable for the disaster because quote unforeseeable intervening and/or superseding acts of persons or entity other than pg&e cause that blast. court papers are not specific but sewer was replaced in that area in 2008. well it's a whopper. 1600
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page document just released today by the city of san francisco that outlines environmental impact of the america cup sailing race. as mark matthews reports one of the main issues here air quality. >> big cross ship use as lot of power. tied up at the dock they can pump nearly 20 tons of carbon dioxide into the air in just a 10 hour stop over. that's why the city of san francisco installedhore power plugs on pier 27 so ships can plug in rather than run the engines when they are in port. pl in the run up to the america cup and during the event pier 27 will be used as a primary venue and cruise ships will be docked somewhere else without that shore power option. >> hopefully on the forefront of bringing that same air quality benefit to a different type of ship and different number of ships. >>reporter: project coordinator for the city office of economic work force development says the city is lacking at ways to plug spectator boats and mega yacht
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into the shore side power on pier 27. those are boats and cruise ships are ships and there is a big difference in size and pollution. >> i am concerned. i don't want to mislead with you that but i think the investment is worth it. >>reporter: director of the port says of after the america cup pier 27 will be a brand new cruise ship terminal and shore side power will be available. i asked the air quality management district what can be done to mitigate that extra pollution in the mean time. >> we are lacking for them to the either more emission reduction or at least equivalent and looking at alternative project in the interim that make up that dela delay. >>reporter: what sort of project isn't sure. this is just a draft report. public hearing on it is still a month away. report comes with maps and graphics. show how the america cup venue will be set up and it is clear that public park land is going to be used for private use. how much? tl. >> this is open to the public
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event. >>reporter: public land set aside for private use by teams bit event staff by sponsors. >> but by and large especially when you look at the drama and environmental impact report a massive amount of space is strictly public access. >>reporter: this is 7 news. >> now if you want to see for yourself the document is on our web site all 1600 pages. go to our web site look under see it on tv. don't have to read the whole thing. there's an executive summary as well 100 pages but gives you a good idea. >> more to bring you tonight. tea party candidate michelle bachmann up next. turning gay people straight undercover video of the counseling business run by her husband. >> from abc 7 news night team. san francisco grand jury blows the whistle on whistle blower program that hasn't been doing its job. l. >> i'm spencer in the accu-weather forecast center. get ready for very cool days ahead. all the details coming up in the accu-weather forecas forecast. >> thanks experience. also
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michelle bachmann and closer look at the business she runs with her husband back home in minnesota. outside group film undercover video inside the bachmann christian counseling center after bachmann husband said he does not try to turn gay people straight. the brian ross with those tapes. >>reporter: michelle bachmann tell supporters her husband marcus has been the key to her 33 years of happy marriage. >> i have a very big advantage because marcus has his p hd in counseling and he's a marriage
9:17 pm
counselor you. >>reporter: dr. box may be brand of counseling highly controversial. and could become a campaign issue. >> here's my husband dr. marcus bachmann. >>reporter: operating out of suburban minneapolis he runs a christian counseling firm. co-owned with his wife at times according to former patients has tried to convert gay men into heterosexual l through prayer. >> his path for if my therapy would be to read the bible. pray that the god that i would no longer be gay. >>reporter: andrew of minneapolis was 17 when his family sent him to bachmann and associates. where he says a council already working for bachmann tried unsuccessfully to save him from his sin. >> god would for give me if i was straight. >>reporter: dr. bachmann who describe homosexual as barbarian denied as false statement 5 years ago reports his clinic tries to convert gay men to straight. but undercover video shot just last
9:18 pm
month in the facility by a gay advocate group seems to show some form of the practice is indeed offered. >> truth is god god is designed our eyes to pbl attracted to everything. to be attracted. >>reporter: member of the group told the clinic of feelings towards men and depression and asked if he could be rid of the homosexual urges through therapy and prayer. >> i think it's possible tichbility ambition. gel is to change me from homosexual to heterosexual. >>reporter: asked about our all right today in iowa michelle bachmann would only say she was proud of the clini clinic. >> i'm here today to talk about jobs and the economy. >>reporter: brian ross reporting. bachmann campaign says the clinic offers variety of services but of patient confidential can't comment on specific treatment but psychological association converting gay through therapy is ineffective and potentially
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harmful. >> explosive alleges tonight in the hacking scandal involving rupert murdoch media hold ntion great britain. editors are believed to have hacked into the phones and records of former prime minister gordon brown shown here on an official visit to the u.s. and even members of the royal family. latest reports also accuse police of accepting bribes from journalist working for different publications owned by murdoch news corporation great britain. phone hacking scandal has scuffled news corporation plans to take over british sky broadcasting and in 2006 shortly after scotland yard began the initial criminal inquirey of phone hacking 5 senior police investigators discovered that their mobile phones had been targeted. >> if health news about salt tonight. new study from the center for disease control and prevention found that those most at risk of high bloop from too much salt intake may be those who eat too little potassium in fact. twice as
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likely to die from heart attack as people who eat the same amount of both nutrient in their diet t.researchers think potassium rich foods such as bonanza a, broccoli and spinach may help neutralize the effects of sodium. interesting to know. spencer is here with the forecast as we start another week. cool windy. >> there you go. back to you dan. >> no. that's just where it is now. you have to tell us what happens in the future. >> cooler and windier. live view. >> now we are didn't. >> we are. from our high definition roof top camera thank you so much. looking towards transamerica building you can see the moisture in the air around the city here. low clouds and fog just sweeping in from the coast across the city and bay and a little cool and myself ty outside right now. right now looking at temperature readings generally in the 50's although few locations still at 60 or above. 60 at fremont. san jose. 64 at antioch so it is pretty cool around the bay area rate now. wide spread low cloud push
9:21 pm
inland overnight. drizzle possible along the coast and bay and average temperature will be with us all week long. in fact get even cooler as we approach midweek. this afternoon satellite close-up shows we had lots of clouds hugging the coast line and across the bay. there was a bit of sunshine. great bit inland areas but it wasn't very warm. just mild inland and cool around the bay and coast. overnight tonight we continue to see low clouds fog holding on moving across the bay. low pressure drop in the low to mid 50's tonight and then tomorrow we will not see much of a warm-up as water vapor satellite image pretty much tells the story of weather for this week. we have this dip trough forming in the jet stream that is reinforcing the cooling trend that began over the weekend so the cooling trend continues right on through remainder of the week. high pressure tomorrow reflect that in the south bay. only upper 60's to low 70's. 69 at santa clara. 70 san jose. 71 at campbell. on peninsula look for high in the 60's. 64 at
9:22 pm
san mateo o. 68 palo alto. mid 50's on the coast. pacifica and a half moon bay. downtown san francisco high of 60 tomorrow. 57 in the sun set district. north bay high well below average. only spot that will be close to warm is ukiah high of 80 see 76 clover dale. 73 santa rosa. 69 at pet lawm. only 66 in san rafael. nearest bay look for high mainly in the mid upper 60's about 64 san lae andro. 67 union city. 66 at l newark. inland east bay hay in the upper 60's the le70's. 72 at concord. 68 at danville. 70 at livermore and near monteray bay high of 67 watsonville. 68 at santa cruz. mid 70's inland at morgan hill and gilroy. here's our accu-weather 7 day forecast f.high continue dropping off consolidateest day of the week will be wednesday and thursday. mainly high top out at mid 70's. upper 60's around the bay and mid 50's on the coast. friday not much different but start to warm up
9:23 pm
over the weekend. by sunday we see inland high back in the mid 80's and by monday low 90's but this is going to be a very unusually cool week for mid-july. >> strange. >> really snais thanks spencer very much. >> well, it was literally the header heard round the world. >> can you believe it? him if saved the usa life in the world cup. >> coming upth. team usa and em possible goal that brought the world to its feet. >> and video that may keep you off a roller coaster l for the rest of the summer. people actually had to walk off this rest of the summer. people actually had to walk off this thing. stay with us. more to
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you are steepingt roller
9:26 pm
coaster now open for business. about it's in tokyo. 141 feet tall and sends riders hurdle in more than 60 miles an hour straight to the ground and steepest point riders experience g force level similar to fighter pilots. no thanks. >> the meantime folks at amusement park in texas experience a ride they will never forget and one they thought would never end. texas giant coaster 6 flag in arlington stalled near the top of the first drop. rideers were stuck 14 stories above the ground for about half hour on sunday. they had to be escorted back down. there they go marching themselves down. no one was hurt. fichlt well, now to the u.s. women soccer
9:27 pm
team. they pulled off a nail biter of a victory that left the world amazed. much like the women who rocked the field more than a decade ago. remember? here's john burman. is. >>reporter: down a goal. down a player. down to their last 2 minutes. but down and out never. if. >> that's who i am. not going to quit. team is not going to quit. >> saved the usa twice. >> power house brazil with no more than 2 minutes to play u.s. team gave us a glimpse of the rare combination of perseverance and perfection. l the goal surgical strike off the head of p the player enough to sen the american women into a penalty kick shoot out. there the game was in the hands of goalie hope solo. she stretched those hands to super human limit. >> brilliant save. >> opening the door for team
9:28 pm
usa to seal it. u.s. has scored epic goals before. winning the women world cup 12 years ago to the day. this victory just gets the u.s. to the semifinal. >> we want to celebrate this win but want it worth something. >>reporter: worth something? >> you want to be soccer players when you grow up. >> yes. >>reporter: all right worth sochlingt next generation of tm players and hope and next generation of greatness. if thinks abc news, new york. >> wow! unbelievable. when we continues here tonight. grand jury blows the whistle on whistle blower program that hasn't been doing its job. abc 7 news i team report. mid-air collision forces one pilot parachute to safety. how the second pilot walked away even after his wing was clip. >> and decline in fall of the one cent coin. bay area business owners penny saved is a penny wasted. another half
9:29 pm
hour of news begins here in just a
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>> if we once again thanks for joining us. look at the headlines we are following for you tonight. all bart stations have reopened after demonstrators gather to condemn last week fatal shooting of a man by transit police during a confrontation. >> 14-year-old santa rose girl dead. investigators believe alcohol poisoning at slumber party likely the cause. investigators say an open vodka bottle was found at the home as well as soft drinks and water bottle the girls may have been using to mix them. tech giant cisco confirms laying off employees next month. some project cisco will lay off as many as 5000 workers. about 7% of the
9:32 pm
global work force in the coming weeks. sol of the headlines we follow tonight. >> investigation into san francisco whistle blower program is out today and results not good. that report by civil grand jury concludes that public employee who try to do the right thing by reporting waste, fraud and abuse are not being protect theed. i'm team has been investigating the issue over the past year or so and dan tonight has the latest. >>reporter: report title says it all. which is iling in the dark. civil grand jury found san francisco whistle blower program has failed in the middle to promote the identification of waste, fraud and abuse. members of the jury interviewed several whistle blowers profiled by the each team over the past year and cited their case. >> confronted with wrongdoing and then tl we became whistle blowers and then we found out we were very dark place to be. >>reporter: doctors cure and
9:33 pm
maria complained to the city whistle blower program about the misuse of the patient gift fund. money that was donateed to make life more comfortable for the hospital patients was going to an elaborate staff party and travel. administrators eventually returned 350,000 dollars to patient account. but laid off dr. cure then replaced him. >> the way the whistle blower program hase involved pl it's become a threat to whistle blowers. and pivl paid the price but what i want is for no one else to go through this. >>reporter: the doctor resigned under pressure. whistle blower program failed her. >> anybody in their right mind would never go to them with a complaint because no. 1, they are not going to do anything about it and no. 2 they standby while l it's open season on yo you. >>reporter: grand jury concluded the existing program deals mostly with low level issues. does not foster transparency. lacks
9:34 pm
comprehensive tracking system. anger and confuses whistle blowers. lack an appeal system and fails to create effective independent oversight. city controller ben rosen field oversees the whistle blower program. >> like any government function there's room for improvement and acknowledging that and working towards it is part of what we do in this office. always. >>reporter: but he complains the civil grand jury focused on a infrastructure shut of the 2200 whistle blower cases his office has investigated since 2004. >> we think that and know that those investigations have resulted in the recovery of taxpayer funds and we think more effectively run government and unfortunately none of that context is provided in the report. >>reporter: grand jury did conclude the whistle blower program in its current form has yielded under whelming results as measured in dollars and cents. i'm posting both the grand jury report and the controller response in a new i team blog at 7 i'm always interested in hearing
9:35 pm
from people with inside knowledge of problems in government all across the bay yaivrlt. you can contact me through our web site or call this number on the screen. for the i team 7 news. over sea for couple items. united states accuses syrian government not doing enough to protect its embassy damascas after attack. 300 pro demonstrators spray painted the building broke window and knocked out security camera. when u.s. marines drove them away they moved on to the ambassador residence. u.s. says it will demand compensation from sir why for the damage. attack followed visits by the american french ambassador to the city this last week in support of pro democracy democrat industrytor whose protest will be vet with syrian traps and with tanks. >> cia organized a fake vaccination program in the town where it believed osama bin laden was hiding in an elaborate attempt to obtain dna from his family. the guardian
9:36 pm
newspaper says cia recuted local doctor to organize the vaccine drive. doctor since arrested for cooperating with the americans. united states is now apparently trying to intervene on his behalf. back at home. man accused of taking that pricey picasso right off an art gallery wall in san francisco is going to spend some more time in county jail. court hearing today was postponed. don sanchez has the story. >> mark was in judge's courtroom where the arraignment held over to friday. he was clean shaven. unlake in the booking photo. the way we looked on friday. he faces 3 charges. >> 3 felony count of grand theft commercial second agree burglary and receiving stolen property. >> he received the picasso drawing from wall in the gallery at powell and geary and catching cap to his hoe. he was caught on video
9:37 pm
surveillance camera if next door to the gallery. it appears he's carrying the artwork under his arm. the case has received national attention t.something he pointed out to me at our friday meeting when lacking for an attorney. l he has one now who seems to answer the description of what he told me he was looking for. >> nobody is dead. nobody has been assaulted. this is not the crime of the century. i would also say that given its recent pl notariety the sketch is worth more to the gallery this week than it was last wee week. >>reporter: he was arrested at friend apartment in napa last wednesday. picasso wrapped for shipping in fedex box. now in county jail. far cry from the up scale new york city restaurant where he was a waiter. the gallery hoping to get the picasso back by the end of the week. that's when mark lugo back in court for arraignment being held on 5 million dollar bail. in san francisco, 7 news. some stay like finding
9:38 pm
atlantis. up next. details about the lost world found deep under water. >> technology now changing the price of parking in select san francisco neighborhood. we explain how it works as news at 9 conti
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>> l parking in san francisco got more confusing. effective today the city transportation authority is adjusting the praise of parking meters block by block based on how often people use them the. as jonathan bloom reports, that could lead to bargain in some spots. and painful prices in others. >> if more quarters. >> this is ridiculous. this is worse than oakland. >> when you park on the streets of san francisco it seams like a quarter doesn't go very far. >> i think i lost 10 minutes of my meter time putting in all the coins. >>reporter: now in some neighborhood it will take even more coins to park including this block in hays valley. part of the city sf park pilot program. set the price of each parking meter based on supply and demand. >> allow people to park a lot faster because a lot less double parking. less looking around where to park allow the city to be safer and less injested. >>reporter: key to the whole program is the little sensor embedded in the pavement under each parking spay. sensor
9:42 pm
talks to the meter over there to keep track of when the parking space in use and when empty. then each month the city will collect the data and use a formula to decide if the price of parking on that block goes up or down. hourly rate can rise by a quarter each month or drop by up to 50 cents. in the first round of adjustment most pete meter in this neighborhood will good up in price but in the wharf cheaper in the morning and more expensive in the afternoon. praises near at&t park will drop and in the mission district they will stay the same during the week but good up on the weekend. >> unfair. >>reporter: store owner siny worries the praising scheme will give customers just one more reason to shop somewhere else. >> hard not to find parking then you raise the prices on top of it. i don't know. it just seems out of control. >>reporter: driver christine says the price difference doesn't matter since the new meet tears plastic. >> use my card and park where i park pwous you don't think about it if you don't have change nishtion san francisco,
9:43 pm
abc 7 news. >> well might surprise you to know that parking in san francisco is a relative bargai bargain. new york which is the most expensive place to park in the united states incorporating to collier international where it cost 5 41 dollars a month to park in mid town, manhattan. more than 5 33 dollars it cost to park in downtown manhattan. lease a nice luxury car at those praises. boston third at 4 38. san francisco is fourth average monthly cost at garage is 3.75. cheapest the survey says they found that is in reno where the monthly price is is just 50 dollars. >> if well penny still make cents? as we continue why business owner turn their back on the as we continue why business owner turn their back on the one cent coin. stay
9:44 pm
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9:46 pm
>> 2 fighter plane collided in mid-air in england forcing one pilot to parachute out of the doomed aircraft. amazingly no one hurt. whole thing caught on tape as you will see. world war ii aircraft taking part in flying legend show when the wings clipped each other there. one of the planes plummeted to the ground almost immediately. pilot of the plane jumped to safety. incredibly he made it as you can see there. onlookers saw large chunk of
9:47 pm
metal fall to the ground before one plane went into a dive and hit the ground hyped some trees. second plane able to land despite missing a large chunk of its wing tip. amazing both pilots okay. meanwhile not far from england scientist have discovered an ancient landscape submerged beneath north atlantic ocean estimated to be 56 million years old. geologist created this 3d image of it by measuring the echo made by under water sound waves as they hit the different land points. the fewer row and peak were once rivers and mountains. this populated with people is near the pl sheet land island preserved beneath the sea bed and used to rise more than half mile above the sea level. so what happened? well scientist think under water volcano erupted pushing th the water raising the level of the land but eventually it was resubmerged. ticket let's go
9:48 pm
back and update the forecast. spencer is here with kind of a strange cool week spencer. >> it is indeed. start with a look at the water vapor satellite image that tells the story of this week weather. jet stream dipping sharply to the south. reinforcing the cooling trend that has already started. cooling trend will continue right on through the week and we have well below average temperatures as evidence by tomorrow high inland high highest of the high only mid upper 70's. most inland location will struggle to break 70 degrees. 60's around the bay and mid 50's on the coast. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. wed thursday coolest day in the forecast period. inland high sfovrment in the bay 60's and start to warm-up over the weekend then by next monday we see inland hay back in the low 90's again. but this week its well below average in terms of temperatures. >> sure looks like it. thanks very much. >> lets talk about money for couple of moments. copper coin these things in the pocket cost more than a penny to make these days. but to many people they
9:49 pm
are all but worthless. wayne takes a look at why some see a penny saved as a penny wasted. >> lucky day. abe lincoln face up on the sidewalk. better move quick he will be gone any second. right? tl did you see what you just walk over? >> i did not. >>reporter: well, then, how about 2 penny for their though thought. what do you see on the ground next to you. >> concrete. >>reporter: make it 5 cents. >> i don't want him. >>reporter: maybe you see a trend here. growing number of businesses including mike bike in san rafael penny have fallen from favor. >> just annoying. so that's how the whole thing started. toughly nickel and dime quarter dollars. no penny. >> no penny. >>reporter: now at mike every cash transaction rounds down to the near ethnic el in the customer favor. the reaction has been overwhelmingly underwhelming. >> whatever its easier. i don't care. tl am i helping? >>reporter: in terms of cold cash the store estimates the new policy will cost about
9:50 pm
2,000 dollars a year. and gaining. >> we are gaining much more than that in time. >>reporter: all right. 50 cents. in the fwhal we witness entirely new take on how a pepy saved now means nothing in the real world t.except fuel pump where tenth of penny matter but offer him 20 real one on the sidewalk. you don't want them. >> no. >> they are a hassle. they make noise in your pocket. >>reporter: according to the government each new penny now cost roughly 1.7 cents to make. rendering each a loss from the start. but there have been exceptions in history. up the street at san rafael rare coin roger showed us a 1909 penny minted in san francisco that is actually worth 4000 dollars. what happened. >> should be asking what happened to the dollar. nobody noticed. nobody wants to go through the effort to take 50 cents off the street. you know
9:51 pm
what? if i'm about to. >>reporter: so william did t.maybe a guy need to be out of work and tough economy to still appreciate pen yichlt it means hope l. pishltion sow will have more. took william about 30 second to scan those coins. that's not a bad hourly rate. >> how about putting 50 dollars down for me now. >>reporter: they say lincoln penny is lucky. >> you have a good day. >>reporter: but not that luck lucky. from san rafael, wayne, abc 7 news. all right. find painy pick it up. all that day you will have good luck. >> today salary. if. >> you got a raise. >> thank you. if seal my deal. probably captain buy anything for a penny. bubble gum. >> get it for a nickel noychlt it is what it is. if yankees red sox show down and home run
9:52 pm
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♪ i want to sell more tea cups. ♪ i need help selling bread. ♪ i want to sell more crabs. [ male announcer ] you know where you want to take your business. i want to design more buildings. [ male announcer ] in here, small business solutions from at&t can get you there. starting with the at&t all for less package -- just $70 per month, voice plus broadband. it's the at&t network. helping you do what you do... even better. >> coming up tonight at 11:00. too big to govern he were. new attempt to split california into 2 states and not just north and south. >> plus former governor arnold schwarzenegger dipping his tow back into the acting pool. unusual role he's agreed to take in a new movie. those stories and more in one hour on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. larry here with some fun
9:55 pm
baseball tonight. >> long ball. lots and lots of them. home run derby. it can be more entertaining than the actual all star game itself. bomb away in the desert. major league baseball couldn't script it any better yeast versus red sox. second baseman if week as rookie recording his brother of the brewers. a you report. ricky up loading there finished first round only with 3 home runs. biggest bash here from new york yankees robinson 8 of the first round. this ball tl halfway up the miller light bottle. measured at 4 72 feet. adrian gonzalez red sox in the finals. first. hits 11. check out the fan getting wet to get to the baseball. glove in one hand bare in the other look at the replay. makes the catch. beer is intact. beer did not go in the water right hand. >> save the sudden. >> catch of the year catch of the year. father pitching to him and that connection worked.
9:56 pm
if second baseman with the 12th homer the picked up by his teammate. mob at home plate. hug for pop f.rare to see second baseman with this kind of power. he is the home run derby champion. all star game is tomorrow night. really a nice problem to have giants manager bruce deciding how do you make up the all star line up and set up the pitching staff when loaded with gelleden arms. 4 giant pitchers on the national league all star staff. tim probably won't pitch. cane likewise. wilson along with the wonder story of the year ryan panda pablo sandoval added to the squad yesterday. starting pitcher mawch about here. >> when you talk about the great pitchers in our game today elite pitchers or pitcher that would you want starting a game that you would have to the win, rory name always at the top of the list. this was really an easy one for me that
9:57 pm
he would start this game. tishltion i mention brian wilson. making third all star game appearance and by now the entire baseball world knows they must fear the beard. will so that told me he gets a chance to pitch tomorrow night and close-out with a win maichbility the pitch twice if i get a chance the 9th that's great but basically just on new team right now and tl when or how. play off time come home field advantage. >>reporter: nice look there. a's have just one representative at the all star festivities in arizona. pitcher again sal east only 8 and 6. but era outstanding 2.47. first all star game appearance he know fans around the country wondering who is this gonzalez. they don't know about the glove incredible hul hulk. >> i lake cartoon. i get a haircut every other day. i
9:58 pm
love being around family. i call my brother every other day. i call my brother every day. i'm definitely a lovable guy and humble. that's how it is. >>reporter: if get some work tomorrow. fourth time in seven years south korean victorious at the u.s. women open. tournament wrapped up today because of weekend weather delay. leader 3 under par when finished up. she was on the practice range when fellow country woman pl birdie 18 to tie for the lead and force a 3 hole play off. second play off hole in a bunker. bogey. meanwhile l she buries a putt for 2 shot lead and put her approach on 18 to within four feet to finish with another bird. 21-year-old wins first event and turns out to be a major. u.s. open and that is reason to celebrate. this is great story. not a bunker at royal saint george site of this week british open. one of the hole in the back yard of mcill
9:59 pm
roadway. complete with pop bunker there. this aired on the bbc tonight. he gives a tour of the back yard which includes a hole mirror condition with the over over grown rough. own ground crew and thinks it gives him a distinct advantage. >> i can ring the u.s. and say what will part of the green you want to be. we try to get 10.5 so i can say well i won't be 1 10.5 for the next 2 week so i can prepare lick i'm there really. >>reporter: so that's what i need to do to get better. >> that's it dan. just expand your back yard. >> that's that big. >> that's pretty impressive. >> yes. stand arrested pretty high for if come petition snooing that's true. that's this edition of thanks for watching we appreciate your time see you in an hour over on watching we appreciate your time see you in an hour over on channel 7.


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